Dakhil Exam Routine 2021

Dakhil Exam Routine 2021: Are you sitting for the Dakhil exam in 2021? If yes, then don’t be upset. After a long wait, the Ministry of Education declare about the Dakhil examination and already publishes a notice. As a candidate for the Dakhil exam, you have to know that the ministry of Education has decided to shorten the Dakhil syllabus and taken exams only on three subjects. With this in mind, they already published a notice and I have uploaded the notice below for your convenience.

There are nine different Educational boards in Bangladesh. One of the major boards in Bangladesh Madrasah Education Board. Every Bangladeshi Madrasah is run under this board. The students of Madrasah give board exams under Bangladesh Madrasah Board. So we picked up the official Dakhil Exam routine 2021 that has been officially declared by the Bangladesh Madrasah Education Board. We will provide the PDF of the Dakhil Exam routine 2021 and also an image and a table. There are also Dakhil Subjects with Subject codes.

Dakhil Exam Routine 2021 Image

Dakhil exam is knocking at the door and there is not so long time for the Dakhil exam. The exam will be started on 14 November 2021 and it will continue till 21 November 2021.  Each of the examinees will get only one and a half hours for the exam and everybody have to abide by the health guidelines.

  1. Exam Time: 1.30 hours
  2. Exam Start: 10:00 AM
  3. Empty Answer Paper, MCQ (OMR) sheet distribution: 09:30 AM
  4. MCQ Question Distribution: 10:30 AM


Dakhil Exam Routine 2021




You can easily download this Dakhil routine 2021 by clicking on the pdf link below. This routine has been signed and verified by Md. Kamal Uddin (Exam controller) Of the Bangladesh Madrasah Education Board.

Dakhil Exam Routine PDF

Many of you want the PDF (Portable Document Format). We got the Dakhil exam 2021 routine PDF. You can download the PDF format of the Dakhil exam by clicking on the link below:

Download Dakhil Exam Routine 2021 PDF File

Sometimes the JPG image file doesn’t give the quality that we want. But PDF files got the quality image that is easy to download and print. We uploaded the Dakhil Exam routine PDF in our own web store. You can easily download it by clicking on the upside download button by following the link.

Dakhil Subject With Code

There are only 8 Subjects for the students of all departments this year. Every subject has a different subject code. The code is the symbol of the Subject. We provided the Dakhil Exam subject with the subject code.

Subjects Code
Quran Majid and Tajbid 101
Physics (Theory) 130
The Holy Haith  102
Islamic History  109
Chemistry  131
Tajbid Nasar & Najam (Mujabbit Group) 129
Tajbid (Group Of Hifjul Quran) 119

Dakhil Exam Routine For All Madrasah

Dakhil Exam is for all Madrasah students in Bangladesh. According to Wikipedia, there were 14,987 Ebtedayee, 6402 Dakhil, 1376 Alim, and 1050 Fazil Madrasahs in Bangladesh. And this routine maybe is for all the Madrasah students of 10th Grade. If you are a Madrasah student and studying in class 10, then this routine is for you. Be fully sure of your institute. It will be safer.

Important Notice For Dakhil Student 2020

  • All have to abide by the Health guidance.
  • You have to attend the Dakhil exam before 30 mins of the exam starting time.
  • First, you have to write MCQ and then CQ (Tottio)
  • You can carry a General Scientific Calculator, and an analog watch.
  • No one can carry a mobile device except the Kendro Sochib.
  • The Practical exam will be held in your institute.