Dakhil Vocational Exam Routine 2020 | BTEB Dakhil Exam Routine

Dakhil Vocational Exam Routine

You’ll be happy to know that the Dakhil Vocational Exam routine 2020 has been published officially by Bangladesh Technical Education Board. It was published on 19/11/2020. We got the fully authentic Dakhil Vocational Exam routine 2020 as an image file, there will be also a PDF file and we also wrote some important notice of Dakhil Vocational Exam routine 2020, Check out the full article in the below.

Dakhil Vocational Exam Routine 2020 Images

This is the official Dakhil Vocational Exam routine that has been published by BTEB (Bangladesh Technical Education Board). This routine was published on 19th November 2019. And the first exam of the Dakhil Vocational exam 2020 in Bangla and it is on 01/02/2020. And the last exam of the Dakhil Vocational Exam is on 22/02/2020. Check out this image in the following:

This routine of Dakhil Vocational Exam 2020 has been signed and verified by D, Engineer Shushil Kumar Pal who is an exam controller.

Dakhil Vocational Exam Routine 2020 PDF

This is the very authentic Dakhil Vocational exam routine 2020 that has been officially published. We have just collected it and converted it into a PDF (Portable Document Format) file, so you can easily download this Dakhil Vocational Exam routine 2020.

Download Dakhil Vocational Exam Routine 2020 PDF

If the image looks a bit low quality to you, you can download this PDF of the Dakhil Vocational exam from the upper link or you can easily print it out from online.

Important Notice For Dakhil Vocational Exam 2020

  • The Dakhil Vocational 2020 exam will be conducted according to the time specified in the question paper
  • The practical and theoretical parts must be passed separately on Dakhil Vocational exam 2020
  • You have to attend the Dakhil Vocational Exam
  • You can only use the scientifical calculator in the exam hall.
  • In the Dakhil Vocational Exam, no one can use a scientific calculator except the Secretary of the Center
  • The practical exam will be held in your own institute.

In the end, we highly recommend you that, you should always open your eyes during the exam season. Because the routine of Dakhil Vocational exam changes frequently for any unexpected reasons. Keep visiting the official site for any kind of notices and updates of the exam.