HSC Exam Routine 2020

The full form of HSC is Higher Secondary Certificate. This is the ending of the College life of a Bangladeshi student. After successfully completing the PSC (Primary School Certificate) and JSC (Junior School Certificate and SSC (Secondary School Certificate). And after 11th and 12th you have to attend the HSC exam. This is one of the most important board exams in the Bangladeshi education system. If you don’t get a good GPA (Grading Point Average) in the HSC exam, you will not be capable to admit in a well University in Bangladesh. Like if you want to be an engineer, You have to get a GPA 5 in SSC and HSC to fill-up the form of BUET.

So, HSC is a very significant board exam. You will be happy to know that the HSC exam routine 2020 has been published by the Education board of Bangladesh. It is published in 28/09/2019 by the Secondary and Higher Secondary Education Board. So today in this article, you will find the HSC exam routine 2020 image file and also a PDF of HSC exam routine 2020. There is also the HSC subjects with subject code.

HSC Exam Routine 2020 Image

We are trying to provide the highest-quality image of HSC exam routine 2020. You can easily download this image by clicking on it. There are 3 images of the HSC exam routine that are given by us. This is the official routine of the HSC exam 2020. This routine has been signed by the exam controller of Bangladesh Secondary and Higher Secondary Education Board. So there is no chance of mistakes or fault. See the images below:

Three departments of HSC. Those are Science, Commerce, and Arts. All of the departments’ routines are provided in the picture. If you are a science, commerce or art student. This routine is for you.

We don’t make routines. We’ve just collected the routine that has been officially declared and announced by the education ministry of Bangladesh.

HSC Exam Routine PDF

For your contentment, We got a PDF (Portable Document File) of HSC exam routine 2020. Sometimes the images file doesn’t satisfy us. Often we need the PDF version of the HSC exam routine. So we got the official link of HSC exam routine 2019 PDF. Check the link in the following.

Download HSC Exam 2020 PDF

PDF file is easy to download. And from google drive, it’s easier to download. This HSC exam routine PDF is officially uploaded on Dhaka Education Board. It is eligible for all education boards in Bangladesh. You can download this file by clicking in the link. Then you can print it and collect it as a paper. You can find the download button on the upside of the google drive window. Then you can save it in your device’s storage and find it on file manager or gallery.

HSC Subject With Code

Subject  Code
Bangla (Abosshik) – 1st Part 101
Bangla (Abosshik) – 2nd Part 102
English (Abosshik) – 1st Part 107
English (Abosshik) – 2nd Part 108
ICT 275
Physics – 1st Part (Tottio) 174
Hishab Biggan – 1st Part 253
Zukti Bidya – 1st Part 121
Physics – 2nd Part (Tottio) 175
Hishab Biggan – 2nd part 254
Zukti Bidya – 2nd part 122
Economics (Orthoniti) – 1st Part 109
Prokoushol Onkon and Workship Practice – 1st Part 180
Economics (Orthoniti) – 2nd Part 110
Prokoushol Onkon and Workship Practice (Tottio)  – 2nd Part, Oicchik – 1 222
Prokoushol Onkon and Workship Practice (Tottio)  – 2nd Part, Oicchik – 2 182
Prokoushol Onkon and Workship Practice (Tottio)  – 2nd Part, Oicchik – 3 183
Chemistry (Tottio) – 1st Part 176
Islamer Itihas and Sanskriti (Manobik Shakha) – 1st Part 267
History (Itihas) – 1st Part 304
Griho Bebosthapona and ShishuBordhon and Paribarik Shomporko (Tottio) – 1st Part 197
Griho Bebosthapona and Paribarik Jibon – 1st Part 282
Utpadon Bebosthapona and Biponon – 1st Part 286
Chemistry (Tottio) – 2nd Part 177
Islamer Itihas and Sanskriti – 2nd Part 268
History (Itihas) – 2nd Part 305
Griho Bebosthapona ShishuBordhon and Paribarik Shomporko – 2nd Part 198
Griho Bebosthapona and Paribarik Jibon – 2nd Part 283
Utpadon Bebosthapona and Biponon – 2nd Part 287
Vugol (Tottio) – 1st Part 125
Ucchango Sangeet (Tottio) – 1st Part 218
Vugol (Tottio) – 2nd Part 126
Ucchango Sangeet (Tottio) – 2nd Part 219
Pouro Niti and Shushason – 1st Part 269
Biology (Tottio) – 1st Part 178
Bebshay Songothon and Bebosthapona – 1st Part 277
Puro Niti and Shushason -2nd Part 270
Biology (Tottio) – 2nd Part 179
Bebshay Songothon and Bebosthapona – 2nd Part 278
Porishongkhan (Tottio) – 1st Part 129
Monobiggan (Tottio) -1st Part 123
Krishi Shikkha (Tottio) – 1st Part 239
Mrittika Biggan (Tottio) – 1st Part 288
Beboharik Shilpokola and Bostro and Poshakshilpo (Tottio) – 1st Part 255
Beboharik ShilpoKola and BostroPoricchod – 1st Part 284
Drawing (Charu O KaruKola) 225
Porishongkhan (Tottio) – 2nd Part 130
MonoBiggan (Tottio) – 2nd Part 124
Krishi Shikkha (Tottio) – 2nd Part 240
Mrittika Biggan – 2nd Part 289
Beboharik Shilpokola and Bostro and Poshakshilpo (Tottio) – 2nd Part 256
Beboharik ShilpoKola and BostroPoricchod – 2nd Part 285
Drawing (Charu O KaruKola) – 2nd Part 226
Higher Math – 1st Part 265
Islam Shikkha – 1st Part 249
Higher Math – 2nd Part 266
Islam Shikkha 2nd Part 250
Finance, Banking, and Bima – 1st Part 292
Shishu Bikash – 1st Part 298
Finance, Banking, and Bima – 2nd Part 293
Shishu Bikash – 2nd Part 299
Garhosto Biggan – 1st Part 273
Arabic – 1st Part 133
Sanskrit – 1st Part 137
Pali – 1st Part 139
Garhosto Biggan – 2nd Part 274
Arabic – 2nd Part 134
Sanskrit – 2nd Part 138
Pali – 2nd Part 140
Social Science (Shomaj Biggan) – 1st Part 117
Shomaj Kormo – 1st Part 271
Social Science (Shomaj Biggan) – 2nd Part 118
Shomaj Kormo – 2nd Part 272

HSC Routine For All Education Board

In Bangladesh, The routine for all board exam is eligible for the whole country. There are 9 different educational boards in our Country. Only the students, question papers and result are different among the boards. But the routine is for all of you.

Except for the Madrasah Board. This HSC routine is not for the madrasah student. Their routine is a bit different and the subjects are also not the same. So if you read in a college in Bangladesh and filled up the form of HSC then this routine is for you. This HSC exam routine 2020 is for all divisions and all districts.

Important Notice For HSC Student 2020

  • You have to enter into exam hall before 30 mins of the exam’s starting.
  • You have to collect your HSC registration and admit card form from your institute Principle.
  • No one can carry a mobile phone except Kendro Sochib.
  • Fill up the OMR form with your SSC registration number and roll number safely. Beware before filling up the form.