Degree 2nd Year Exam Routine 2021

Degree 2nd Year Exam Routine

Whenever the NU (National University) Degree 2nd year exam routine of 2019 is published officially we upload it here. NU Degree 2nd year exam comes after successfully completing the Degree 1st-year exam. This is the 2nd yearly exam for a new Degree student. And this NU Degree 2nd year exam’s result will be counted. And it will affect your CGPA in the NU Degree exam for sure. So you have to take this Degree 2nd-year exam seriously. This NU Degree 2nd year exam carries almost the same value as the NU Honours 2nd year exam. Both are the graduation exams in Bangladesh. So today in this article, we picked up the authentic Degree 2nd-year exam routine. You’ll get the Degree 2nd-year exam routine as an image file and there will be an also PDF file of the Degree 2nd-year exam routine.

You know it is an exam for 2019 and due to the delay for many reasons, it was not possible to take the exam. National University authority recently has taken steps to take the exam in 2021 and already published a routine on their website. So I am here with detailed information about the exam. Read the article carefully and you will be able to get here the pdf file from the article.

Degree 2nd Year Exam Routine 2021 Image

We are apologizing and saying that this is the last year’s Degree 2nd year exam routine 2019. This year’s routine of Degree 2nd year exam has already been published by National University, Gazipur. No sooner had the official and authentic Degree 2nd-year exam routine 2019 published, we have updated this image. Here I have added a pdf file for you.

2019 Degree pass and Certificate course Exam routine-page-001

Degree 2nd Year Exam Routine 2021 PDF

This is the last year’s PDF (Portable Document Format) of the Degree 2nd year examination. This link is updated and changed as the Degree 2nd-year exam routine has been published officially by National University, Gazipur. Then you can download the Degree 2nd-year exam routine 2021 from the following link:

Download Degree 2nd Year Exam Routine PDF

This link provides the NU Degree 2nd year exam PDF. You can download it with only 1 click and you can also print it out easily directly from online without downloading it.

Important Notice For Degree 2nd Year Exam Routine 2020

You have to follow some rules and regulations before attending into NU Degree 2nd year exam. We got two important notices from last year’s Degree 2nd-year exam. This notice will be updated without delay. Whenever the National University officially updates notices.


We strongly recommend that you must visit the Official NU website twice or thrice during the Degree 2nd-year exam. The routine and notice updates frequently so you have to be updated. So keep visiting us all day. If you think we have done any mistake, you can let us know by commenting on the following. We will be very happy about answering you.