SSC Exam Routine 2020

ssc exam routine 2020

The full form of SSC is Secondary School Certificate. This is the ending of school life as a student. A student attends in SSC in class 10. This is the final exam of Class 10. It is a board exam. This is one of the most vital exams in Bangladesh. It will hold after the PSC (Primary School Certificate) and JSC (Junior School Certificate). It defines a student’s future. Without passing in the SSC exam, a student can’t join a College in Bangladesh.

The GPA (Grading Point Average) of SSC plays an important role in student life. So today, we have the SSC exam routine of 2020. We will provide the routine that is declared by the Education Ministry of Bangladesh. You can find the routine below. We will also give the Image file of SSC exam routine 2020, and also, there will be a PDF file of SSC exam routine 2020. Check out the full article below:

SSC Exam Routine 2020 Image

The routine of SSC exam 2020 has already been published on 04/07/2019 by the Secondary and Higher Secondary Educational Board of Bangladesh. We got the JPG file of the SSC exam routine 2020. You can download this image by clicking below. This is the official image of the SSC exam routine 2020.

SSC exam routine 2019

The SSC exam of 2020 will start in 01/02/2020. And the first exam is Bangla (Abosshik) – 1st part and Shohoz Bangla 1st Part. And the exam will end on 22/02/2020. And after that, there can be some Practical exams. Practical Exam will be held from 23 to 29 February 2020. We got the image of the Practical exam below:

ssc exam routine 2020

You can download these two SSC exam routine 2020 images easily and save them into your device storage. You may find the images in your device’s gallery or storage after downloading it.

SSC Exam Routine PDF

For your comfort, we are also supplying the PDF file of the SSC exam routine 2020. You can find the PDF by clicking below and then download it into your storage device. You can print out a high-quality image of the SSC exam routine 2020 from the PDF. And after printing the routine, you can hang it in your room for your comfort.

Download SSC Exam Routine 2020 PDF File

The Dhaka Education Board of Bangladesh has uploaded this PDF (Portable Document File). It was uploaded on Google Drive. So you can easily download it by clicking on the upside of the PDF window. Then you can find the PDF of SSC routine 2020 in your device’s storage or Gallery.

SSC Subject With Code

Subject Code
Bangla (Abosshik) – 1st Part 101
Shohoz Bangla – 1st Part 103
Bangla (Abosshik) – 2nd Part 102
Shohoz Bangla – 2nd Part 104
English (Abosshik) – 1st Part 107
English (Abosshik) – 2nd Part 108
Math (Abosshik) 109
Islam and Moral 111
Hindu and Moral 112
Buddhist and Moral 113
Christian and Moral 114
ICT 154
Garhosto Biggan (Tottio) 151
Krishi Shikkha (Tottio) 134
Sangeet (Tottio) 149
Arabic 121
Sanskrit 123
Pali 124
Sharirik Shikkha and Krira (Tottio) 133
Drawing (Tottio) 148
Physics 136
Bangladesher Itihas and Bissho Shovvota 153
Finance and Banking 152
Chemistry 137
Pouroniti And Nagorikota 140
Business Employment (Bebshay Udyag) 143
Vugol And Poribesh 110
Hishab Biggan 146
Science (Biggan) 127
Higher Math 126
Biology 138
Economics (Orthoniti) 141
Bangladesh and Global Studies 150

SSC Routine For All Education Board

There are nine educational boards in Bangladesh. This SSC routine of 2020, which is already provided, is eligible for all of the educational boards in Bangladesh. Except for the Madrasah board. The Madrasah board’s subjects and subject code and the exam date is different. The SSC of the Madrasah board is called the Dakhil exam.

If you are not from a Madrasah or a Madrasah student, then this routine is for you. Wherever from Bangladesh, It doesn’t matter. If you read in a School and a 10th student, this routine is for you. For every district and sub-district and union also. So there is no different exam routine board wise. The students, questions, and results are different. So this routine is for each and every one of you.

Important Notice For SSC Student 2020

There are some rules and conditions you have to maintain if you are an SSC candidate, we will write it down below:

  • You have to enter into exam hall before 30 mins of the exam’s starting.
  • You have to collect your SSC registration and admit card form from your institute before the exam starts.
  • You can use a normal scientific calculator in the SSC exam hall.
  • No one can carry a mobile phone except Kendro Sochib.
  • Fill up the OMR form with your SSC registration number and roll number safely. Beware before filling up the form.
  • Obey the rules of the Education Ministry of Bangladesh.