JDC Exam Routine 2020

JDC exam routine 2020

The full form of JDC is Junior Dakhil Certificate. JDC exam is for class 8 Madrasah students in Bangladesh. This JDC exam is equal to the JSC (Junior School Certificate). After Completing the Ebtedayee exam in class 5, a Madrasah student attends in JDC exam. It is a very significant board exam in Bangladesh that run by Bangladesh Madrasah Education Board. Today we have JDC exam routine 20**. Here you can also find the JDC exam routine 20** as a Table, as an Image file, and there is also the JDC exam routine as a PDF. The JDC exam of 20** is starting on * November 20** and ending on * November 20**.

JDC Exam Routine 2020

Date Time  JDC Subject
Still not declared 10:00am– 1:00 pm Quran Mazid and Tazbid
Still not declared 10:00am– 1:00 pm Aqaid and Fiqh
Still not declared 10:00am– 1:00 pm ICT
Still not declared 10:00am– 1:00 pm Arabic – 1st Part
Still not declared 10:00am– 1:00 pm Arabic – 2nd Part
Still not declared 10:00am– 1:00 pm Bangladesh and Global Studies
Still not declared 10:00am– 1:00 pm Math
Still not declared 10:00am– 1:00 pm English
Still not declared 10:00am– 1:00 pm Science
Still not declared 10:00am– 1:00 pm Bangla

JDC Exam Routine 2020 Image Download

The JDC exam routine 2020 is not published yet. It will be updated in a sharp time when the official JDC exam routine has been published. Usually, the JDC (Junior Dakhil Certificate) is published in October of 2020. Stay tuned for the updated JDC routine.


JDC Exam Routine PDF Download

There is a PDF(Portable Document Format) format of the JDC exam routine 20 **. You can download it from the below link. Most of the time, PDF is a really good one to collect as a JDC candidate. So we have the official JDC Exam PDF link which is provided by Bangladesh Madrasah Education Board.

Click Here To Download The PDF

By clicking in the link you can find a new window where you can download the PDF and you can directly print it out. Then you can hang it in your wall or table to check the routine anytime.

JDC Subject With Code

JDC Subject Subject Code
Quran Mazid and Tazbid 101
Aqaid and Fiqh 133
ICT 140
Arabic – 1st Part 103
Arabic – 2nd Part 104
Bangladesh and Global Studies 143
Math 108
English 107
Science  117
Bangla 106

JDC Routine For All Education Board

This routine is for all of the Madrasah students in Bangladesh. No matter where you live or where you stay. If you are in Class 8 and a Madrasah student this JDC routine of 2020 is for you. You can download the image from the upside or download the PDF or just watch out the table of JDC routine 2020. If you think we’ve missed out on something, you can leave a comment and let us know about this JDC routine.

Important Notice For JDC Student 2020

  • You have to use the same answer paper for the MCQ (Multiple Choice Question) and CQ (Creative Questions)
  • Don’t forget to collect your JDC admit and registration card from the Madrasah you read in.
  • You can only use a scientific calculator and an analog watch and no more electronics device.
  • As a JDC student, you must enter the exam hall before the 30 mins of the exam starting time.

I hope you got your JDC routine of 20**. We pray and hope for your best results. Please leave a comment below if you wanna know more about the JDC routine 2020. Thank you for reading this article, keep coming back for any kind of routines.